Saturday, 1 January 2011

The beginning

Some days I feel as though I'm being buried alive in cookery books. Everywhere I look, every room I enter in my tiny flat, my eyes are accosted by them. Squashed together on bookshelves, hidden behind chairs, stacked up and used as lamp stands, piled precariously on my bedside table, even occasionally propped open on the worktops of my kitchen, they are impossible to ignore.

This is partly a hazard of reviewing them for a living, but is also due to my obsession with food and books and my inability to stop buying the latter. I justify every Oxfam or Amazon purchase of some out of print tome by saying I need it for research. This is often true, but the sad fact is, these days I rarely have time to cook from any of those which I'm not reviewing. A fraction of my books have made it to the kitchen, even less have recipes which I have followed to the letter. So in an effort not to turn my collection into a semi obsolete pile of food porn, I'm going to try to cook from them, at least one every day. This will take a while, possibly forever, considering how the pile keeps growing and growing, but I'm going to try. Hopefully, I'll learn something about the books along the way.

I'll start tomorrow ;-)

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